Curse ov Dialect - Twisted Strangers - 2P PROMO VALVECURSE OV DIALECT’s new album TWISTED STRANGERS – out MARCH 11

Wildly surrealist experimental hip-hop group Curse Ov Dialect are back after a 6-year hiatus with their socially conscious, zonked-out new album “Twisted Strangers”.

Renowned for their non-conformist costumery and political ethos the enigmatic Australian group has garnered a strong worldwide cult following. This album includes an appearance from special guest Hemlock Ernst (aka Sam Herring – Future Islands) on title track Twisted Strangers which premiered on Pitchfork -(, Curse ov Dialect Japanese ambassador Kaigen, and Ramallah Underground rapper Stormtrap and more…

Sonically Twisted Strangers sees the group travelling further down their own musical path, revelling in the openness of their unusual sonic concoctions: other-worldly melodies punctuated with hard twisted beats. The conventions of hip-hop are blurred and boundaries are pushed further at a time in history where the world has caught up.

An outlier in the hip hop format that recalls no comparisons. 

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UPCOMING LIVE OUTINGS with more to come…
FRI 18 MARCH – The Catfish, Fitzroy, Melbourne
plus Erasers (WA)

The new album TWISTED STRANGERS’ out on valve through MGM on March 11 2016
Also available via the valve online store:
And also here:

Features select tracks:
TWISTED STRANGERS – includes special guest Hemlock Ernst (aka Sam Herring – Future Islands) VIDEO:
plus BROTHERHOOD, GREED, DEFY & DECAY, THE LEGEND OF LEIGH BOWERY and plenty more from where those came from…


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BIO: Curse ov Dialect are a blessing. With passion, determination, and a restless creativity, the Melbourne crew have revolutionised the language of hip hop over almost twenty years of music making. Anyone who’s heard their records or seen their shows know that Curse ov Dialect communicate in a unique way. Cultures are bridged, traditions are taught, and rules are broken. The heaviest beats are matched with unexpected samples from every era of music and every corner of the globe. Each MC brings a powerful voice against ignorance. Over six albums they’ve defined and pioneered a new golden age of rap; playful, poetic, enlightened and essential. And still Curse continue to spread the good word to fans around the world. A mutual respect between the group and Samuel T Herring of Future Islands has also led to a new collaborative track, showcasing the best of both artists. More than ever Curse are here to inspire, agitate and innovate.

LIVE PERFORMANCES: Curse ov Dialect have toured the world playing Europe (2004, 2007, 2009 and 2010), the United States (2004), Japan (2009, 2010), and various music and arts festivals including Big Day Out (1999-2004), Laneway Festival (2007), Livid (2003), What is Music? (2000-2003), This Is Not Art (2001, 2003), Liverpool Biennial (2004), Incubate (2007), and Fusion Festival (2010). Amongst others, they have performed with Public Enemy, Peaches, Yamataka Eye, Kool Keith, Blackalicious, Chicks on Speed, Anticon, Buck 65, Busdriver, Saul Williams, Edan, Atmosphere, Kid 606, Severed Heads, Florian Hecker, V/Vm, and Cobra Killer.