To LOLOIZE is to sing a melody as hooligans do on the football fields, where the collective act matters more than the lyrical result. LOLOISMO is the new album of those who call themselves ZA!, duet from Calonge & Terrassa with more than 10 years of career and more than 400 shows in 4 continents.

 Two years after self-releasing WANANANAI (Spain’s best album of the year 2013 according to Rockdelux magazine), ZA! present a record that dynamites many conventions, even their own. The only premise is not to repeat oneself. To accomplish it, Spazzfrica Ehd and Papadupau have explored new genres and tried new ways of playing and filtering their instruments. The result are 10 hits, 10 worlds with their own entity.

 Speaking of styles, the mixtures are surprising: industrial with dubstep, odd-timing hip hop, clicks n’cuts electronic music with math-rock… Speaking of sound, the diversity is the keynote, from the old-shool hardcore clichés to Asian, Arabic or invented landscapes, sometimes sampling the guitar live, sometimes passing the whole drumkit through the amplifiers. It is therefore ZA!’s most heterogeneous album and also the most organic, because its elements have been recorded live, on the same take and in the same room, only adding some voice overdubs. Loloizable experimental music with a chorus… because the voices are important here: something that ZA! has never done before is lyrics, beyond a concept or a single word. As expected, these lyrics match with the experimental language of music, with repetitions, encrypted metrics and neologisms. Anyway, the will is always to loloize rather than to pontificate. Loloist plugin to sing freely, collectively, and in tune with the Halfmighty Silly Sister of Wisdom.

 ZA! also self-release this album in Spain, although more than DIY, this it is about Doing It Together: LOLOISMO will be co-released with different independent labels in the world including Valve in Australia.

ZA! are:
Spazzfrica Ehd – drums, keyboard, voice
Papadupau – guitar, trumpet, sampler, voice

1 La maquinaria está engrasada
2 Badulake
3 Empatando
4 Mundo Estrella
5 Sancha
6 Hablas como Autechre #1
7 Hablas como Autechre #2
8 Loloismo
9 Captain Rondo
10 Don Autoleyendas
11 ¡Aquí huele a assufre!

OUT on VALVE – NOV 6 via MGM.

for lovers of Boredoms, Can, Lightning Bolt, Naked City… and all outsider music that welcomes challenge.

VINYL to come.

Recorded by Santi García at Cal Pau Recordings.
Mastered by Víctor Garcia at Ultramarinos.
Artwork by L’Automàtica.

Wanananai (2013)
Megaflow (2011)
Chez Alphonse #1 7” (2011)
Macumba o Muerte (2009)
Eki Eki Eki Kazaam! (2006)