REGURGITATOR play a superspecialrockin’ kids set!

Music Play Families Festival 2018

Sat 20 January 2018 – 10.45am

Big concerts, mini workshops and free foyer fun! Melbourne Recital Centre is the best place to discover music, play instruments and make some noise in the summer school holidays. Join in the fun at a big concert with Australian rockers Regurgitator, explore a magical underwater world in Sea Sounds, compose your very own score with Inventi Ensemble, dance up a song-storm with the Teeny Tiny Stevies, design your own instrument and join the Junk Orchestra, or simply enjoy the free foyer fun!

“Hi kids! Can’t tell you how excited Regurgitator is to be playing the upcoming Children’s program at the awesomely wonderful Melbourne Recital Centre! We’ve got our tiny amplifiers warmed up, our teeny drum kits tuned and plenty of soap for our filthy little mouths. We’re ready to shout till our voices are wrecked, if you’re ready to scream till your parents are deaf! ” 

Having been around for virtually a quarter of a century, Brisbane’s quirky crew, Regurgitator head to Melbourne bringing their yet to be released punk record written for especially for kids, that was inspired by their performance for kids festival Dress Up Attack.

Though the band might be adding up the years, they still pride themselves on being the real Peter Pan-type characters of Aussie music with their witty, silly attitude and musical mash up of funk, pop and any other style to suit their ironic, geeky nature.

This unique collection of kids tunes is about as naughty as punk rock can get and still offer a G rating suitable to kids. Come dress up, be silly and enjoy this fun, G-rated performance made especially for young people and their parents