I Heart Hiroshima

From Brisbane… birthplace of The Saints & The Go-Betweens comes three piece – I HEART HIROSHIMA. Sullivan (drums/voice), Matt (guitar/voice), & Cameron (guitar/voice/art)… where it’s at… shared vocals and a microphone. Bottles and cans, just clap your hands. Connecting the wires. Making the right incisions. Joining the plots. Caressing shadows of the flickering lights. Plunging into the light off the side of the road. City streets declare a musical lineage converging in the guitar’s angular striations, like bastard urchins and youthful inventions touched by tender aggressions.

I Heart Hiroshima emerged in the party of back streets, to carve a trail through the bark and offer the spirit of many… Sleater Kinney, TV on the Radio, Leonard Cohen, The Smiths, Raveonettes, Magnetic Fields, Frank Black, Jesus and Mary Chain, Walkmen, Slumber Party, Pharcyde… Putting their heads down in earnest circa mid-05, and performing with (and sometimes earning the praise of) Deerhoof, Broken Social Scene, Calvin Johnson, Erase Errata, Macromantics, Regurgitator, Clap Your Hands Say Yeah… tours with Ratatat, The Rogers Sisters, The Grates, Sekiden, Spod, The Mess Hall, Peaches & Herms… along with many festivals and much welcomed headline shows plus tours in NZ, Europe and Asia. Two EPs on Valve – 3 LETTER WORD FOR CANDY (featuring London in Love), and then CUT IN COLOUR along with two great albums – TUFF TEEF and THE RIP… have all fashioned them into a winding thread of rock beat craze! Then everyone took flight in different directions for new views of the world.

Matt, Cameron and Sull have now set the pace for a new tune of episodes.

Always walking the edge of a chasm of togetherness… I HEART HIROSHIMA break like an intruder into the night with their emergence back playing after an extended time apart inhabiting different worlds. Teasing the possibilities with some jams earlier in 2016 when Sully returned from Berlin… subsequently lead into the more tangible: recording at Red Star with Dubzy from Blank Realm. The chasm since filled with life and experiences, a new sensation rides high in the mix… and a new EP Spillin’ the Light preceding a series of eventual such releases over these coming times. 


All breaking chairs and stealing hearts.

“To these ears, the result is a sound that’s very “Brisbane”: bright, trebly guitars with no effects pedals, strong pop melodies, unusual angles and lyrics and more going on beneath the surface than meets the eye, or ear. If you want to place it in a continuum of Brisbane music, it’s the one that begins with The Go-Betweens debut, Send me a Lullaby.” (Noel Mengel)