Unreal… a new DICKLORD album! It’s called Pre Menstrual Attitude OUT NOW


DickLord – Pre Menstrual Attitude – V166
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Album press blurb – warning this gets serious.

Year here… year there. Whatev’s. 

With numerous failed attempts to tour their debut album ‘It’s Sooo Boring’, (not for lack of trying) DIY punk band DickLord said “fuck it!” and channelled all that energy into writing a second record. DickLord swing back with a full length sophomore album ‘Pre Menstrual attitude’ packing not only a punch but a cheeky head butt to really get your bones rattling, your ears ringing and your mind questioning.  Sticking to the formula you all know and love.
DickLord never shy from taking the piss out of themselves and everyone around them. Infusing comedy with anger and frustration ‘PMA’ delivers some heavy hitting backyard Aussie anthems, whilst addressing important issues us outcasts face all the fkn time in today’s climate. 
 Be sure to tighten your fists and loosen your belt buckles because this album with have ya dumping that shithouse partner and telling your fascist boss to get fucked. Can I get an aMen?

Pre Menstrual Attitude is DickLord’s second album, packing as much punch as the first – last year’s rather memorable It’s Sooo Boring. Combining comedy with frustration and brutal melodies, Pre Menstrual Attitude will get you through tough times with a punk rock attitude and a smile. Sunny, their new drummer learned during the recording what Vagisil, Canesten and Ural does.

all new album Pre Menstrual Attitude out Valve NOV 12
pressed on RECYCLED VINYL as well.

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