Two people in front of your eyes, yet a transoceanic, futuristically primitive orchestra in your ears. Spazzfrica Ehd & Papa duPau, the duet from Barcelona known as ZA! make their premiere visit to great southern lands. Two guys and a dozen instruments become one body and a world of emotions.

This multilayer supersonic-orchestra mutates African beats, noise, math rock, vocal-loops, free jazz, analogue electronics, sounds from the shepherds of Tuva, Balinese polyrhythms, Mauritanian trip hop, Cuban jazz, post rock, Jamaican dancehall, grunge, industrial noise, math rock, Dadaism, distortion, dance and drones to concoct a multifarious fuselage of musical mayhem.

Hyperactivity is easy to notice in ZA!’s music and also in their actions: the duet has composed this album during the last two years, combining their shows around the globe with the making of theater plays, an exhibition at the Joan Miro Museum in Barcelona and the direction of an improvisation orchestra. Since the release of their previous album, “Megaflow” (2011), ZA! have participated in all kinds of music festivals (they are Primavera Sound favorites participating in 4 editions of the festival, Sónar Festival favorites participating in the Sao Paulo & Barcelona editions, SXSW Texas, Fusion Fest, Eurosonic, Les Trans Musicales etc), with all kinds of bands (Lightning Bolt, Yellow Swans, Extra Life, Zu, El Guincho, Delorean, And You will Know us by the Trail of Dead, Peter Brotzmann etc), playing over 400 shows in all kinds of countries… USA, Canada, UK, Brazil, Russia, Portugal, Germany, Holland, Belgium, France, Switzerland and of course Spain, always with an excellent reception. They have also collaborated with musicians like Damo Suzuki (Can), Angel Deradoorian (Dirty Projectors) or Alex Dunham (Hoover, Regulator Watts).